Bigos, Leczo, Pyzy and of course Pierogi at Polskie Delikatesy

Bigos is the Polish National Dish. Another slideshow seems a bit much  but you can envision it in your mind and your taste buds. Can’t you picture it? All the ethnic  grocery stores in the Strip District (Stamoolis Bros. for grape leaves, Penn Macaroni for cheese and pasta, Sunseri, Jimmy and Nino for sandwiches,Reyna’s for Mexican, New Sambok Oriental Market or Lotus, Benkovitz or Wholey’s for fish, Prestogeorge for coffee or Mancini’s for bread, Enrico’s biscotti, the Middle Eastern one and lots more). You get the idea.  This afternoon it was the  S and D Polish Deli where I was stopped at the red light. Click on their name to get the menu details.   Ever eat Tripe Soup.?  A recipe and video on the site of a woman making Golabki (stuffed cabbage) click here Around the corner is the Leaf and Bean (cigars and coffee) where Marc R plays gigs on Saturdays. Pittsburgh has it all!

Halusky, Pierogi, Kielbasa(y)  at the Lunch Bar
The S and D Polish Deli in the Strip District- Pittsburgh

7 thoughts on “Bigos, Leczo, Pyzy and of course Pierogi at Polskie Delikatesy

  1. Brings back memories. My dad made the very best stuffed cabbage. Some Fridays on his way home from work my dad would stop at the Russian Orthodox church on the hill in Sharon and pick up pierogis for dinner. What a treat: onions and mash potatoes or prunes :-)) A delightful selection of carbs!!

  2. What a smorgasbord of places to eat! and, what a cool place to live! We have fast food places on every corner 🙁
    Thanks for the nice visual, Ruthie!

  3. Rutie, Can’t believe you have this picture.Right now,I am IN Poland for Aaron and Kasia’s wedding-took place on the 22nd. Was wonderful.We were just talking about that store less than an hour before I opened my mail. Ate bigos on Wednesday when visiting the birthplace of Pope John Paul III. All we eat is meat ,meat , meat with a few vegetables.You know I don’t care for meat.I don’t want to leave,though.Thanks for the picture.

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