How to Photograph Your 4 Grandkids

You set up a couple of chairs on the back porch.

You bought a 4-pack of store brand cones, no nuts.

You start shooting all four in the two chairs.

You shoot fast and the antics begin.  The dog licks drips.

You try two at a time. Then singles.

It happens without direction from grandma.

Maybe Sunday morning when they’re dressed up for church you’ll try again.

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11 thoughts on “How to Photograph Your 4 Grandkids

  1. they are so adorable – and they look like they’re having such a good time – reminds me of when you took pictures of my kids sans ice cream (maybe that would have helped)

  2. The collection of scenes is what makes this fun; makes me laugh. A real show; all natural.

  3. Enjoyed the photos, Ruthie. Beautiful grandkids….makes me miss Ava, Colt, Lucy and Ellie so much!!

  4. Ruthie…what candid beautiful shots!
    I feel like I am there with you and the kids…memories for a lifetime and worth the trip to Columbus.

  5. Just looked at these now – fantastic slide show! Love it!!! I didn’t get near the computer yesterday. The afternoon was Suessical the Musical (saw Amy and her son there), the merry go round at Shenley Park, the playground at Frick Park, dinner, etc.!!! Aren’t grandkids great??!!

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