Circular Window Frames Fountain/Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Courtyard

Wednesday nights I drive to the Northside and take a Video Portrait Class until nine.  When I left to call a friend about previewing a copy of the movie I was burning I looked out and saw the sun setting on the courtyard fountain. Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild is a beautiful facility to take a class, hear a jazz concert, view student artworks.  As I head to class I am so tired from school but after a short time I am thinking creatively of a dozen more projects to consider making. Classic photography assignment- photograph frame something as you shoot it!

Classrooms at school are about 100 degrees. MCG is air conditioned!

5 thoughts on “Circular Window Frames Fountain/Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Courtyard

  1. Amazing photo with contrasting shapes and great color and of course the refreshing water.

  2. What a great shot! I love the contrast between the shadows and the fountain. This is one of my favorites.

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