Almost Late for School

You get behind a garbage truck on a narrow street. A school bus bears down on your tail, headlights reflected in your rearview mirror. The minutes tick tick tick.  You watch the men pitch the bags into the back. Both sides of the street. You should have left home earlier, not stopped for coffee, gone a different route. You make it in time.  But you might as well relax and take out your camera and shoot because there is no getting by.

You're stuck on Spring Street behind a garbage truck. It's a narrow street.
Just relax and photograph the scene where you are trapped.

9 thoughts on “Almost Late for School

  1. What a way to start the day :trapped between a bus and a garbage truck? That sounds like material for a country western song :-))


  2. I hate when I am about 5 blocks from my office and a train is going through town and it goes really slow. One time I counted 103 cars.


  3. Look at all those lines, houses close together, garbage truck on narrow street and a tree growing all part of city living that you captued so beautifully.


  4. i think it is so funny that they havn’t made garbage trucks “city friendly”. i am always late because i like to sleep in, but i blame it on the trucks!


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