Bicentennial Baby Celebrates Birthday

He’s how I became a mother. 1976, Fort Knox Kentucky.   And his brother Matthew had the idea to post something meaningful on birthdays. I found the dented engraved silver rattle in a tin.  I used to make things. Giant needlepoint baby blocks with buttons inside, I stitched  Mark a States Quilt with all fifty states to scale, (Alaska and Texas a different scale)  using a National Geographic map for the templates. Mark knew all the state capitals at age 3 and used to go around saying Sac-ra-men -to!   I stitched a little doll that was asleep on one side of his face, awake on the other and made a pillow with pockets to put him in.  You can see Mark wtih his grandfather in Philly, he’s wearing the  blue and white checked overalls I made.  It was a different time.  Now he is married to a wonderful wife. They have four children.  He’s how I became a grandmother. I am so proud of him and all his accomplishments!  Happy Birthday Mark Joseph McGrath. love, Ma

I am proud of my son on his birthday. Everyday.
Stuff I have saved (and could find) makes a personalized birthday collage.

11 thoughts on “Bicentennial Baby Celebrates Birthday

  1. Ruthie your priorities have always been in the right place. I remember that little face so well and hear his voice saying “Grandpa change shirt”. You always have made things – the most important is- You have made a difference. Happy Birthday Mark

  2. Love your selections for this collage. At some point Grant will welcome a similar type gift. I still have the smocked blue outfit you made for Grant and the photos from his baptism with all your family involved on that special day. Happy birthday on the shared birthday.

  3. Thank you Ruthie for raising a wonderful man. My daughter is lucky.
    Happy Birthday to my favorite son-in-law.

  4. Happy Birthday Mark. what a wonderful mom with great pride in you!
    Ruth, I love you’re saying “He’s how I became a mother.” and then, “He’s how I became a grandmother.” It looks like you’ve always been an artist as well.

  5. Must be a good day for great guys, Mark shares his birthday with my wonderful brother in law.

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