Under the Japanese Maple Tree

Delicate, feathery leaves, provide a hiding place.  The color, against the lush greens from all the rain, really stood out. This is what I saw as I came out of the garage.

Hide and seek,  All time favorite childhood game.
Why is it so much fun to hide and long to be found?

9 thoughts on “Under the Japanese Maple Tree

  1. A tree with legs is funny!!
    Even babies love peek a boo, and then hide and seek as they get older!
    Anna going to first grade – WOW!! I relate – Josie will be five in September – the time flies!!!

  2. Ruthie,
    This is the cutest pic yet! Kids always hide their faces, and close their eyes and think we can’t see the rest of them! We did it in the ’50’s and now our grandchildren do it! The more things change….the more they stay the same! Miss you!

  3. You’ve captured a priceless childhood moment. Great picture!
    Grandchildren are great & enjoyed having my two here for week end.

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