How to Put on a Swim Cap Before Your Event

Experimenting with the settings on the camera from across the pool.  The swimmers have to wet the cap before putting it on! Caught the cascade of pool water with a 70-200 L series lens(Canon). Converted to black and white as the color was a distraction from the water splashing.

The swim cap held a lot of water.

9 thoughts on “How to Put on a Swim Cap Before Your Event

  1. Awesome photo-it’s one for framing. Abbey particularly appreciated that some other potential olympic swimmer struggles with her swim cap as well!


  2. I love the black and white and the way you capture the water. Makes me feel like going swimming.

  3. Amazing photo!! The spurts, streams, and drops are so clear in black and white. The drops look like glass, or hail, or funny strings of beads — one can almost touch them!

  4. Love your work Ruth. Simply love it. I don’t think I have enough walls in my house to do you justice. 🙂 Thanks

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