Backstroke Bullpen- Anna Ready for Event #23

There is a lot of waiting at swim meets.  Anna sat on a white folding chair by Lane Six. Biting her finger. A teammate offers support. The smiling at Grandma pics are cute but I like the ones when they are unaware, forget I am there with the camera.

Anna waits for her event to begin
Wonder what is going through her mind as she waits to swim

7 thoughts on “Backstroke Bullpen- Anna Ready for Event #23

  1. Great! I love the different shades of gray and black and white.They seem to add to the tension she feels.

  2. fabulous shot. Such a lucky granddaughter to have such a talented (and devoted) grandmom.

  3. How precious is this picture! Everyone in their life should do what they love Ruth. Another great shot of yours that I truly love.

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