Where The Hostess Seats Your Party When You Lunch With a 19 Month Old

And the restaurant was empty.  But you understand her thinking. This week it is childhood revisited in Black and White.  Today’s focus?/ the kitchen doors.

The siblings were at day camp, we had been to the gym.  Worked out.  Penne and sauce, warm bread and olive oil and a side salad.  The server brought out a slice of cantaloupe and some red seedless grapes on a little plate for Maura while we waited for lunch to be served.

Where dies a hostess seat a oarty of 3 when they have a 19 month old?
We enjoyed our lunch and so did the other diners as Maura was good the whole time!

6 thoughts on “Where The Hostess Seats Your Party When You Lunch With a 19 Month Old

  1. Amusing “location” story! but what a photogenic location … kitchen doors, floors, cold cabinet, everything with an “old” patina + your lively granddaughter! XOXOX

  2. We’re planning to go to a restaurant with an 11-month-old tonight, so we’re forewarned now. Bringing out the melons and grapes early merits a good tip. Some servers used to bring oyster crackers for our baby (now the father of the baby we’re eating with tonight).

  3. This is funny . Reminds me of things you noticed when we had lunch together. Remember the medical waste disposal truck in front of us? Your comment was ,”Yum! I want some of that.” You always make me laugh.

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