Handcrafted Charcuterie in Twisp, WA

free range chickens, Katahbin lamb, Andouille, chorizo, sausage, smoked salmon
Proud of his custom work. Some nice cheeses in the refrigerator case, too.

Chris Thomson shows off his handcrafted charcuterie.  In the meat case- Andouille and chorizo sausages. Some smoked and some fresh sausages, sausages for breakfast, Italian sausages, you name it!  The local restaurants had bought up all the bacon today. Thomson’s Custom Meats LLC  992 Twisp-Carlton Road, Twisp, Washington 98856. Turn off Route 20. Known for natural, locally grown meat.  A flock of Katahdin sheep grazing outside his shop.  Free Range chickens.  He said I should go with them to photograph them as they catch the salmon they’ll smoke in the smokehouse real soon. He gets the salmon with the shortest migration so they have a higher fat content.  Phone# 509-449-1563. Check out his website for more information.  He’ll process your game by appointment, too!

7 thoughts on “Handcrafted Charcuterie in Twisp, WA

  1. Fresh, local, natural, sustainable, free range — all good things. You captured the pride in his face!!

  2. I am sure he has the most satisfied customers. My mouth was watering as I read your descriptions. I am a big fan of salmon, but would love to be there to sample the sausage and bacon!! Pure joy in his face.

  3. He looks as happy as your grandson after he went off the diving board the first time!!!
    Great smiles!!!!

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