Homestead Smokestacks at Night

You see images of these stacks often. This one from the parking lot by the movie theatre.  All that is left of the US Steel Homestead Works- a dozen smokeless stacks.

Former steel mill site now a shopping complex, restaurants and movie theatres.

9 thoughts on “Homestead Smokestacks at Night

  1. I adore this photograph–quintessential Pittsburgh exhibiting the transition it has undergone.

  2. Someone from out of town thought they had been built as sculpture – did not believe they were part of the industrial complex once there. Part of the confusion for him was that they were so nearly perfect. I wonder if they were extensively repaired or resurfaced? If so, then they are new-old.

  3. I love this perspective. Our stinky stacks in Sharon put a lot of meals on the kitchen tables and sent many of us to college and a cleaner job market. God Bless our dads!

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