Albóndigas de Pescado in Pittsburgh

You feel fortunate when you receive an invitation to dine in someone’s home.  It doesn’t happen that often these days.  Sharing a meal and conversation is the best.  But when your new neighbors entertain their parents who are visiting Pittsburgh from Spain and the mother cooks for the meal, you are really lucky. The menu was fish balls!  Albondigas de Pescado ( I hope I spelled it correctly). Delicious! Rice and green salad, a crusty bread,  Spanish wine, followed by pie with whipped cream.  Oh my.  You wish your grade school Spanish was more than two sentences.     And a house next door that has sat empty for at least five years, no lights on all this time,  has new life and new friends and it feels good to be home.

Joaquin's mother prepares lunch.
Need scratch and sniff for this photo, too.

7 thoughts on “Albóndigas de Pescado in Pittsburgh

  1. If I bit into one of those not knowing what it was, I’d probably think it was a regular meatball. I just don’t know about eating fish in balls!!

  2. wonderful story and photo …
    welcome neighbors and spanish family with cuisine-arts! 🙂

  3. Recently I have been reading and attempting new fish recipes. I am hoping this is an opportunity to expand my recipe collection. I would really like to try this. Would they pass it along?

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