Skywriting Over Pittsburgh -11 second video and a still image below

Looked out the back door window in the kitchen.  Saw the first letter “A”  started. Already on the “L” when I got out to the yard with the camera. After I took all the photos I googled to see who was having a sale.  Turns out an artist Kim Beck has the skywriting project as part of her  “The Sky is the Limit” exhibition. (click for article in Pittsburgh Post Gazette) Each part of the letter is a mile long. 

Scroll down for still photo.  Uploaded my first YouTube this evening so we’ll see how that works.

7 thoughts on “Skywriting Over Pittsburgh -11 second video and a still image below

  1. Read the article and I cannot believe each letter is a mile long!! Great that you captured it too!!

  2. Heard about this CMU Art project on WDUQ this AM! Going outside now to look up! Think it was supposed to begin at 10AM ???THanks

  3. thanks, Ruth! My husband, Ella, and I saw the last two words only and wondered what the rest was…

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