CMU Crosswalk- Autumn Afternoon

When Steve drives I have so much fun taking pictures. It was magnificent light through the colored leaves, the students crossing Forbes Ave.  We were driving down Morewood and there was the sinking sun making the leaves vibrant. Too bad the windshield wasn’t clean!

Great to be the passenger
A perfect October afternoon. If only this weather could stay!

CMU Campus Lights and Shadows at Night

Waiting for Steve to pick me up in the turnaround, I saw the pattern on the concrete.  I had just viewed Waiting for Superman. I was in a good discussion group after the film.  You can read an editorial piece by Tony Norman from the Post-Gazette my friend V told me about. Lots to think about.  There wasn’t much in it that was hopeful or positive, especially when it comes to public education.  In fact , it was downright depressing to me.There are a ton of reviews at Rotten Tomatoes if you want to see the splats, too…. But getting back to the patterns of light and shadow on the sidewalk while I was waiting for Steve….

Shadow patterns on the concrete from the lights at CMU.
Looked like a good target for a spaceship landing.

Skywriting Over Pittsburgh -11 second video and a still image below

Looked out the back door window in the kitchen.  Saw the first letter “A”  started. Already on the “L” when I got out to the yard with the camera. After I took all the photos I googled to see who was having a sale.  Turns out an artist Kim Beck has the skywriting project as part of her  “The Sky is the Limit” exhibition. (click for article in Pittsburgh Post Gazette) Each part of the letter is a mile long. 

Scroll down for still photo.  Uploaded my first YouTube this evening so we’ll see how that works.