Putting Up the Tree

Driving to the West End  for the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning,  I saw the City-County Building (architect named Henry Hornbostel) tree being put into place. A large flatbed truck now empty and a forestry truck with a cherry-picker bucket and a huge gold crane-like machine were all at the curb.  I parked and got out of the car to photograph the scene. My friend R remarked that the pumpkins are still out!  You can see the head of the Richard S Caliguiri Monument.  Second image below of monument.

Wish I knew the measurements!

7 thoughts on “Putting Up the Tree

  1. Every year, Christmas seems to come earlier. Soon tree ornaments will be sold alongside Fourth of July paper plates at the CVS.

  2. What a beautiful tree … Blue Spruce? (not sure….but it seeems to have a blue cast) I hope I get to see it while it’s still a Holiday Tree: once the lights and ornaments are added: Christmas Tree ….. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know it’s there!!!

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