Spot the Turtle is a Star!

At school I have a nice neighbor.  It makes a difference when someone is glad to see you and says hello. Cares about how you are… I get to school and the room is undone cause the music teacher moved all the tables(we share the room) and my neighbor, Ms. P, comes over and pitches in,  lends a hand to get it set up in two  minutes flat! WOW!   And today Ms. P had a sub for later in the day when she went to a training/ her sub, Ms. H offered to clean the turtle’s aquarium, just needed an apron and some gloves. So Spot was out of his home for a time and I went and got the camera. At first he was shy and seemed uninterested in my attention and then he started to open his mouth in a threatening/welcoming(?) gesture.  Spot lives across the hall in the First Grade Classroom- 214.  He is a shared pet.  A Duquesne U professor has him part of the time.  Spot is an interesting creature and looks like a remnant from prehistoric times..

Not sure if he wanted a close-up!
What an interesting creature. His underside is covered with the most wonderful pattern.

12 thoughts on “Spot the Turtle is a Star!

  1. Spot is a handsome fellow. The sub, Mrs. H., sounds like a gem- offering to clean! That kind of initiative rarely goes unnoticed.

  2. Maybe Spot is talking … if so, I imagine him saying…..”Hello! Spot is a name for a dog. Please give me a turtle name ….!!” 🙂 (Mr. Rogers would not name me Spot!!! — reminded of this from yesterday’s post!)

  3. He reminds me of a turtle we had in our yard when I was little. He would show up in the spring and than go to his winter home. Always wondered where that was.

  4. Thanks for the turtle rhyme. I don’t think I taught that one to my own children so It’s been at least 60 years since I’ve heard it. My favorite grandmother used to tell it to me.

  5. this turtle is so handsome! he is really happy to see you! it is nice having great neighbors down the hall who are excited to see you…thanks for being a great hallmate ruth!

  6. He looks so happy! As Spot’s “grandmother of sorts” I want to thank Mrs. P, Ruth and all of the teachers who are so supportive and welcoming of Spot! Spot is my daughter’s turtle! She got him for Easter when she was 5! She is now 21 and a senior at R.I.T. in Rochester! When she went away to college, Spot got lonely. The stars aligned and my students had a placement with Mrs. P and Mrs. P happened to have a lonely Tank….a match made in heaven! OH! Noelle named him Spot for that lovely red mark on his cheeks! (She was 5 (>:). Thanks again to everyone, especially Mrs. P and her students for taking such great care of Spot and giving him such a happy place to be.

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