With Hopes for St. Nicholas

No hay or carrots to leave in the wooden shoes for St. Nicholas’ horse tonight.  My father brought these shoes back from the Netherlands sometime after WWII.  I dusted them off as they sit by the fireplace, untouched.  When we lived in Germany, St. Nicholas came through the neighborhood, bringing candy and little gifts for the children.  Matthew’s Kindergarten made a St. Nicholas by drawing a face on a walnut and sticking it into an upside down red apple, connecting it with a wooden toothpick inside.  The nut had a foil bishop’s mitre on top, and a fluffy cotton beard. His story tells of a compassionate and generous man.

I wonder if there will be chocolates and sweets in these shoes tomorrow morning.

8 thoughts on “With Hopes for St. Nicholas

  1. Our family has celebrated St Nicholas Day for as long as I can remember. At one point, 12 prs of shoes lined up beside the front door. Our tradition continues today. Now I have to mail the small gift, candy and fruit.

  2. Our son, daughter in law, and grandkids celebrated Sinterklaas in the Netherlands yesterday. Just about the same as St. Nicholas Day! Sinterklaas comes on a white horse. It is a very child centered celebration- lots of things going on for the little ones!! We were there for Sinterklaas two years ago, and were able to join in the fun! Now, like Kristin, we send some small gifts. Save the big ones for Christmas!! Lucky kids – two celebrations!!!
    Love the shoes!!!!

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