Keeping the Darkness at Bay

No one seems worried about the electric bills!  The days are growing shorter and the light displays increasing.

What an effort! Wonder where they store them all year long.
East Liberty off Negley Avenue.

7 thoughts on “Keeping the Darkness at Bay

  1. I love looking at these beautiful houses…….but I’m always glad it’s not my house……no basement to store all those decorations…..and not enough energy to actually put them all up!!
    Thanks for the photo, Ruth.

  2. What an effort!What a gift to “the neighborhood.” I think that WQED has a Program showing scenes like this by private citizens in the area ….. probably will be on 13.2 or 13.3 ???? thanks, Ruth

  3. If I don’t put lights up, does that mean I’m a Scrooge? In fact, nobody in my little 9-house neighborhood puts up lights! ‘Course we’ll all too old to move, let alone get out there and put up lights.

  4. It takes 15 minutes to come up our mountain and the drive is long, dark and winding. Except when you round the bend at the very top onto my dirt road. A neighbor has decorated his tree with bright lights that appear to twinkle as they sway in the breeze. It gives me such a holiday rush when I see that tree and I told him so the first year he put up the lights. Now every year my neighbor, a Buhdhist, delights me with his bright “Christmas” tree.

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