Santa Claus Collection on the Mantel by Candlelight

Steve hauled the boxes down from the third floor.  I got to unearth the Santas, most of them gifts to me from friends.  The Nutcracker one from Germany.  And the Deborah McLaren (click to see last year’s display by Steve) painting behind. The house started to feel festive! The candles bright. We even put up the tree.

The stockings are hung. At least all the little sock and shoe-like ornaments.

8 thoughts on “Santa Claus Collection on the Mantel by Candlelight

  1. When I was a girl,people collected salt and peppers and once my sister’s neighbor in Texas had a beautiful huge wooden carved chest to hold her teaspoon collection. I collect creches.You are so focused to find an appropriate picture to record daily.I start my day with your message.

  2. Not only did Santa come down your chimmney Ruth, but he multiplied on your mantle! Great shot Ruth

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