A Different Light of Christmas

The introduction of the portable electronic world to the children. Matthew came to tell me to get the camera. They never noticed I was there., YIKES. Mesmerized is the word.

A new DS for Christmas captures everyone's attention.

8 thoughts on “A Different Light of Christmas

  1. When I wrote Baby, Toddler, Kindergartener, Video Gamer, I meant that as the stages of life. Anna is in first grade and I don’t think Jack could qualify as a toddler.

  2. An adorable trio – growing up for sure!! Those little devices really keep them busy. Great on plane trips, etc. Clever things!!!

  3. How could anyone ever groan at your pictures???…you never cease to amaze me neighbor:):)…hope you had a wonderful holiday…and are enjoying this break! I’m still in my PJ’s…LOVE it!

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