Michael Photographs Through Glass at the Ice Skating Rink

Michael got a camera for Christmas from his other grandmother (F.F. Marlene), and was eager to try it out.  He was having fun at the Chiller rink on Friday .  Matthew skated up to the glass and smiled at Michael. Michael captured Uncle Matty’s image. He was so excited when he pressed the arrow and saw it on the screen.

Go Steelers!

7 thoughts on “Michael Photographs Through Glass at the Ice Skating Rink

  1. Very nice!! You taking a picture of Michael taking a picture of his Uncle Matthew. Love the three generational thing!!! A camera is a special gift!!! Good work, Michael!!!

  2. I must confess, I read your blogs eveyday, but do not necessarily go to the picture each day… only when the blog sparks my interest. Today I did look at the photo and saw my boy Matthew through the looking glass! How appropriate since we all spoke yesterday from Columbus!

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