Winter River from 40th Street Bridge

And the birds flew up into the shot. I was wishing I had taken my new fingerless gloves from Christmas. Just left the Millvale Post Office (no line!) to mail Joanne’s Christmas box I’d been driving around for three weeks. And the cards that each needed an additional 5 cent stamp.   As I came back over the Allegheny I saw the light stream down onto the city. Pulled into the Bus Stop indentation at the end of the bridge, put the flashers on and walked to the center.  Fortunately the light was still there. Could have used a filter, too, but it was a stunning late afternoon in winter.  Could feel the bridge vibrate as I stood out on the walkway.

All I needed was a barge to come up or down the river. Not today.

13 thoughts on “Winter River from 40th Street Bridge

  1. Here in Indiana, I live in a bridge town, too. There are 3 bridges crossing the Ohio River from Indiana into Louisville, KY. Many mornings as I drove across the 2nd Street Bridge to work, I saw numerous opportunities for beautiful pictures. Not being a photographer, I don’t even have a camera!

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for all the great Pgh. pictures, Ruth. I’m loving them but wondering how you do this everyday!

  3. Stunning is not strong enough of an adjective! I’m telling you Ruth your collcetion of pictures of Pittsburgh are priceless.

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