Waiting While Someone Parallel Parks on Pearl Street

On the way home from school this late afternoon, crossed the Bloomfield Bridge, down Howley Street past the Shur Save and  turned to the right instead left.  Too much traffic by the new Children’s Hospital.  On Pearl Street the car ahead of me was stopped.  It took a long time for the parallel parker to get into the space.  Thought the row of houses on the right had some good repetition and rhythm.

Winter in the city.

8 thoughts on “Waiting While Someone Parallel Parks on Pearl Street

  1. I think that knowing how to parallel park and drive a stick shift are two of my favorite skills

  2. I agree with laura…2 skills EVERY person should acquire! Won’t be at school today…of all days to not be there…the day my class has art with my favorite art teacher:)

  3. I can parallel park the car but I would keep riding around the block if I was driving the truck. No way can I parallel park the truck.

  4. Never learned how to parallel park so I drive around and will walk 3 or more blocks just so I don’t have to parallel park.

  5. There must have been 14 + “Pittsburgh Chairs” along Pearl Street February 2010!!!! 🙂
    At the end of Pearl and across Penn? is the beautiful Gated entrance to the Castle [where no one has to parallel park!!]
    The telephone wires have a interesting rhythm as well …… connected to the Castle so the Royals know who is awaiting an audience ……..

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