Vinyl 45’s in Paper Sleeves with Plastic Adapter

How old do you have to be to remember what 45rpm means?   I had a carrying case for this size record.   Down at Excuses again, SouthSide, where King Cobra Blues plays the first Friday of the month.   I saw this scene-   a guy named John had two old 45’s and was asking Don Hollowood to sign them during the band’s break.  I asked if I could photograph the 45’s.  He was worried I didn’t have a flash but I managed.  John was explaining to me how there was an A side and a B side to a 45.  It was dark in the bar.  I had about twenty years on him and knew about the A and B side but he said he was used to explaining the concept to his nieces.  So the rare 45’s of the band Bon Ton Roulet were Black Diamond(A) and You Excite Me Daddy(B) and the other was Love and War (A) and They Call Us Bon Ton Roulet(B).  Check out the MTV Basement Tapes, hosted by Frank Zappa, see the early music video featuring Pittsburgh Band Bon Ton Roulet singing Love and War. John said he bought them at Sunny Jim’s in Emsworth. There is one copy of Black Diamond on Amazon. The plastic insert 45rpm  adapter is called a spider.

8 thoughts on “Vinyl 45’s in Paper Sleeves with Plastic Adapter

  1. I remember choosing just the right 45’s for the Borough School 7/8th grade dance and hoping you picked the right ones. As a 7th grader you knew at the end of the evening how many times you danced on the seventh grade side and the eighth grade side. Simple pleasures.

  2. I have a bunch of 45s in my basement. My kids laugh when they see them. What do they know.

  3. I don’t know if I have any 45’s left but I do remember them well. It was always a plus if the B side also had a good song. I do have a lot of 33’s still left in their jackets, especially Beatle albums. Don’t know if they’d be worth anything because I played them to death!!

  4. Amazing! Just yesterday I had to explain what a 45 was to my sixth grade students. There was a reference in a book we are reading; the kids thought they were referring to a gun. I was already planning to bring one in on Monday; now I can also show them your photo.

  5. I recall, upon pulling out a 33 1/3 record in a kindergarten class, a student saying in awe,”That’s the biggest CD I ever saw!”

    45 as a gun – oh,my!

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