One Pound of Imperfect Assortment- Chocolates by Betsy Ann

Perfect taste! Imperfection not a problem.

The  Imperfect Assortment tasted perfect to me.  V. brought them to dinner last night, a sendoff for Matthew returning to Croatia.  Made in West View. Available once a year.   And the golden box of perfect Betsy Ann truffles was delicious as well. I went to get a Waterford candy dish that sits in the china closet.  I thought the Imperfect Assortment deserved a proper presentation. Love ya Betsy Ann!


8 thoughts on “One Pound of Imperfect Assortment- Chocolates by Betsy Ann

  1. When I a was a young girl my mom worked at Cargo candy and always brought home the imperfect candy. What a treat it was for us.

  2. Memories! As I recall Betsy Ann was located on a sharp bend in West View. I remember going in to the shop with my mom and ordering our Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits. Sweet memories of long ago! Thanks for bringing them back.

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