Acme Thunderer and Pink Pearl Eraser Still Life

A teacher's pocket contents. Used to blow the whistle when I had playground duty and worked the After School Program. Now it is just on my key ring.

Emptied my pocket and saw these two items under the light on the desk in the front hall.  Bonnie, the gym teacher (now retired) told me about the Acme Thunderer. Click here to learn how to choose a whistle.  Some of the listings are safety, marine, refereeing, sports, orchestral-you can buy a tugboat whistle or one to lead the band.   There is a collector’s model with the words TITANIC engraved on the side.    And most everyone remembers Pink Pearl Erasers.

Fact 1-

Eberhard Faber began to manufacture the Pink Pearl in a factory he started in 1861.

Fact 2-

“In 1996, Eberhard Faber sold more than 4.7 million Pink Pearl Erasers. Laid end to end, that’s enough erasers to reach from Washington, D.C., to Philadelpha.”  By the way, the small print says the eraser was manufactured in Malaysia. There are buildings in Brooklyn where the factory used to be.

Underneath the whistle and eraser is a note I found outside of the school listing the Fruits of the Spirit (last one is self-control) with a  penciled math problem on the back.

10 thoughts on “Acme Thunderer and Pink Pearl Eraser Still Life

  1. Isn’t it funny what one finds in one’s pockets. I brought an old coat out from the cedar closet to wear, put my hand in the pocket and there was a boarding pass from a flight from Atlanta to somewhere – from 18 years ago! And two mints. Perhaps I should be embarrassed to admit that coat wasn’t sent to the cleaner in the past 18 years.

  2. This is a great picture. It says a lot about what we do….redirect and correct! I love that the note was about the Fruits of the Spirit!

  3. Fun!!! And I am going to forward to a friend who is crazy about all things Titanic! He MIGHT NOT know about this Acme Thunderer whistle!!!

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