Whose Chairs?

A recurring theme around the city as I travel between schools-  I see chairs.  The chairs make me wonder about the owners, their usual occupants.  Somewhere in my hard drive I’ve a photo of a high chair near the curb, waiting for pick-up.  Chairs have a personality of their own. I love to hear the names of different types of chairs, each evoke an image- wing chair, ladderback, Windsor or Eames. Lawn chair, rocking chair, lounge or arm.  High chair, club chair, captain chair, molded plastic, patio or kitchen chair.  School chairs are not particularly comfortable. Kids love the rolling ones on wheels. Folding, stackable, side chair or throne.  Where do you sit?

Everyone has a chair.
Some more comfortable than others.
What kind of chair do you prefer?
As always,
Two yellow chairs and a gray one on Evaline Street. Yellow curb peeking through the snow.

8 thoughts on “Whose Chairs?

  1. These chairs look comfortable and seem to be for people who want to sit and watch the world go by. They are so retro as to be modern. I always cringe to see perfectly nice furniture including chairs put out for pick-up when a little TLC would re-purpose them (as shown here).


  2. They could almost be like Steeler decorations. I almost didn’t see the gray one. People could sit there and watch some street football – maybe.


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