Bloomfield Fan’s Display Sums it Up

I was driving back into the city from Columbus OH, early Monday morning.  Trying to get to work. BUT I had to pull over on Liberty Avenue to capture this fan’s feelings. It was a gray day. Mostly rainy with a chance of the blues.

Driving back to the Burgh I
forgot about traffic at the tunnel.
Everyone trying to get to work.
Including me.
We’re all tired. But this sign tells the story
of our city.

Steelers Fans- Loyal to the Black and Gold!

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7 thoughts on “Bloomfield Fan’s Display Sums it Up

  1. Hey folks – ya gotta look at it like a glass half full. Look how much fun and excitement they gave us. Truth is I am sad too 🙁

  2. It is so GOOD to see the SUN today !!!! changes everything ….. from black to GOLD!!! 🙂 There is definitely a time for tears, tho!!!

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