By Special Request- A Tulip Bouquet

Spring for 4.99Seems the perfect follow up
to yesterday’s snow post.
At least the snow isn’t staying too long this time.
Stick to the shovel kind.
So until the bulbs push up from the ground
and bring some blooms,
I took matters into my own hands
at the grocery store.
Opening slowly but surely a sign of Spring!

10 thoughts on “By Special Request- A Tulip Bouquet

  1. Tulips are my favorite! It’s a shame they don’t last very long! A welcome picture! Have a great day Ruth!

  2. HOPE!!! 🙂 What a great photo with the red tulips and the other touches of red as well!! Thank you Ruth!!!
    OH. and the blue bowl on the table, Miss 4th of July!!!!
    You are a red, white and blue girl, no matter the season!!!! 🙂

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