It’s Happy Hour at the Milkshake Factory on Wednesdays- Half Price!!

Last week I looked in the window and thought some tour or a class must have just let out or everyone is on a field trip at the Milkshake Factory on Carson Street. They were lined up out the door.  And I was headed to my Photo class again this Wednesday after school and parked and got out of the car, foraging for dinner somewhere on the South Side and went by the Milkshake Factory and it was PACKED!!!  I walked down the street and got a slice of Pizza at Pizza Sola and walked back to the Milkshake Factory.  I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to photograph the milkshake machines and see what the crowd is about.  Hmmmm.  Good excuse.  Well, the woman in front of me who confirmed that she was indeed the end of the line said, “Oh it’s Happy Hour- The milkshakes are half off!!”  I asked if I could photograph- after I ordered a coffee milkshake.  And the smell of chocolates was tempting too.  The Edward Marc chocolates are beautiful.  They will let you buy a single piece.  There were boxes of Valentine’s chocolates half price, too, but I resisted those.  Marble counters, a red tin ceiling, white subway tile. A host of milkshake “shakers” acting super pleasant, energetic and patient even with the enormous crowd, filled up the metal cups with loads of ice cream and milk, whatever flavor combination you wanted. And there are some wild possibilities with the flavors.  One guy had a drink carrier with four shakes to go!   So two dollars and eleven cents later (they had a dish of pennies to help out) I had my milkshake in hand.  I mustn’t make it a regular Wednesday stop as I didn’t ask for the nutritional information but calcium is good for bones, right? HA!  Named “best historic restoration in the city” according to their website. I am going back to the gym tomorrow after school. The past two Wednesdays have been fat-loading.

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Old Fashioned Milkshakes on the South Side

Scoops and scoops of Ice cream
pour in cold fresh milk,
load it into a tall metal cup
whirred by a sturdy machine.
Thick shake eased into a tall plastic
container with a clear straw–
melting as you sip down to the
grating sound of sucking
when the shake’s all gone,
wishing for a few more sips.
Sweet and satisfying.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Happy Hour at the Milkshake Factory on Wednesdays- Half Price!!

  1. My only ebay purchase – a vintage Hamilton Beach Triple Head Milkshake Maker – green (the girls said can we paint it -NO- the color alone speaks volumes.

  2. Ruth, I craved these during the first few months of pregnancy….they are the world’s most wonderful treat! I used to stop after school, and during the summer, I found myself there twice a week!!

    • That used to be the Geoffry Boehm (sp?) candy company years ago…they had better chocolate and made milkshakes too but never for that price! Erica, It’s between 17th and 18th on E. Carson, the same side of the street as the Post Office (look for the flag).

  3. We have a similar place here in Jeffersonville, Indiana called Schimpff’s. They’ve been in business for over 100 years still making candy every day. They have an old-fashioned soda fountain and anything you get there is out of this world!

  4. Love that you keep us informed of great places to fuel our body and minds,thanks. You’re a like a Pgh tour guide…maybe a book is in your future.

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