Vinyl DOORS Playing on Record Player

Jim Morrison and the Doors recorde on a turntable.
Panza Gallery- the night of the Big Love show.

I wanted to post this picture  and you may remember the floor from another post of the portrait class that meets on Monday nights.  Panza Gallery (in Millvale)  had a cool show called Big Love, no artwork was priced over $100.  i saw the record player spnning and I had to photograph it.  Fun night.

33 1/3

Laura said on Saturday night she wanted a record player.
I’ve been told that CD’s are going to be obsolete-
soon it’ll be all digital files, nothing to handle.
No vinyl in a cardboard sleeve. Cool graphics.
A paper insert with a center hole.
The act of placing it onto the spindle.
Ease it down onto the turntable.
Lift the arm and place the needle at the beginning.
Wait a few revolutions for the music to begin.

6 thoughts on “Vinyl DOORS Playing on Record Player

  1. I am finally realizing that your header photo of the city keeps changing – or am I crazy? If I’m not crazy, that is so cool!

  2. Record player starts revolving fond memories… Love new perspective of header photo

  3. I have two comments. (1) my basement floor looks just like that (covered with rug now) and (2) do you remember when you and Steve came to visit a few years ago, and we were to go to the concert in the park featuring I think the Doobie Brothers? Then there was a huge tornadic (I don’t think that is a word) storm and the concert was canceled. So I brought up an old Doobie Bros record and we played it on Wayne’s old record player. Sat in the sunroom, rain pouring down outside. And then Steve went to lift the needle off the record and got a huge shock all the way up his arm — old record player with old wiring. Haven’t used it since because now I’m scared to.

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