Grand Ville Convertible- Classic Car

Parked on a side street as I rounded the corner to meet Cj at Lot 17 on Liberty last Friday evening. Gleaming black convertible.   A Classic Car license plate. By Pontiac.

You see a lot of scenes like this in Pittsburgh and they feel like you are on a movie set.  The interior was immaculate.  Must get a lot of attention when driving around the city.  Anyone know the year?

Some objects speak to us.
Others don’t.
See how it strikes you.
If you know the year,
will you let me know?

St. Joseph Church in the background

9 thoughts on “Grand Ville Convertible- Classic Car

  1. slick!!! 🙂 must be from the 50ties, maybe even the 40ties? Is it really a convertible????

  2. There’s always a story behind those wonderful old cars – I wonder if it could speak what it would have to say!

  3. I just happened upon this accidentally. It’s a 1975 Pontiac Grandville Brougham Convertible. It was the last year for the factory built convertible and the 7.4 Liter engine. It was the first model year to run on unleaded gasoline. It also happens to be mine. I was probably at Tessaro’s. If you could blur out the license plate #, it would be greatly appreciated.

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