How to Get Kids to Look at the Camera Lens

Before last night I’d never even  heard of a Shutterpal, nor did I know I needed one!  I think it is going to be great!    I have four grandchildren 2-7 years old and getting their attention simultaneously is tricky.  I think this monkey dangling from my camera lens is going to be key in getting some fun photos.   Using a Beanie Babies® Socks the Monkey ($4.99), I created a Shutterpal. (click to see the B is for Boy Blog Tutorial with more detailed directions and photos by a cool mom)   Won’t need to jingle keys or squeak a squeaky toy to get the baby to look at me when I want to photograph. Laura sent me the  link on how to do it but I did it the easy way, without a sewing machine. I did use the suggested seam ripper and a pair of really sharp sewing scissors to open the back seam and empty the stuffing and beans from the torso section of the little guy.  I cut out the entire circle of the lens cap right up to his seams all around the torso section.    Then I stitched all around the circular hole.  Added a red potholder loop as stretchy binding to finish off the raw edge and stitched it on with buttonhole thread.  Now I need to go and visit the grandchildren and try it out!! True you don’t always want them to look directly at the camera but with the four grandchildren I am thinking this will be a good solution.  Maybe I can do a fun monkey voice.  It is always great when the other grandmother is there to get their attention when we are doing the more formal posed ready-for-church-dressed-in-our-best shots.

The camera lens goes right through the monkey!
Here you can see the empty torso with the potholder loop sewn around

This is not for Everyone

Won’t work with a point-and-shoot
but Laura sent me this DIY link.
Saw it and thought of me.
She knows how frustrating it can be.
For the times when you want to capture
a baby and/or toddler’s attention.
She  inspired me to be creative.

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