No- It’s Not a Keep or Pitch Photo!

I smocked and made the porcelain doll's dress. In another life. Seriously.

From the archives– Some readers get the blogs mixed up and think I am asking for a vote on what’s shown, helping me downsize.

I made this a year or so ago in the summer, thinking it would make good notecards to send to the grandchildren. My mother’s tea set, a doll (with the braids) given to me in 1959 by my second grade teacher when we moved from Newark. So when the grandchildren visit there will be opportunity for a real tea party, not just the one I set up on the front lawn to amuse myself. V gave me the bear says What’s Cookin. Clearly, I am too sentimental. Ann, I know you would throw it all out!!

Nothing political-
from the archives
Waiting for the rain to let up.
Sun welcome.
Everything super green.
Feels like fall.

13 thoughts on “No- It’s Not a Keep or Pitch Photo!

  1. Never have been to a tea party. I am ready for one. I need a change after the last couple of months.

  2. Reminds me of “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic” – even though there are dolls there. So cozy and adorable!!! Some of Melissa’s old Boyd’s Bears are looking at me – they sit on a mantle near the computer station. Melissa has some of her old collection and left some here. Why are Teddy Bears so cute and endearing? I wouldn’t want to meet one in real life!! Think that’s been asked before. Anyway – the photo is sweet!!!

  3. A great photo!
    If it ever does make it into the “keep or pitch” category…….a definite KEEP!

  4. Precious! I want to be there and share a cup of tea.Tea parties were so much fun! I must get my great niece,Maddie, to have one with me.

  5. Don’t throw anything out but give away to those who would appreciate these items, ideally to your family or friends or a favorite charity. This is how I am downsizing which is good for the soul and tidiness as well

  6. The doily in the table cloth arrangement takes me back to my child hood. I have a few of my grandmothers and stumble across them from time to time. From another era and they were common place then. A tea party with grandkids sounds like a wonderful event and I am looking forward to a few days with those activities. Not this year – but we hope it will be soon :-)).

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  8. That is so beautiful. It reminded me so much of the doll’s tea parties I had in the garden in the 50’s. The doll on the left is identical to one I had. I called her Angela, and my mother made miniature cakes and sandwiches for the tea. Thanks so much for the memories.

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