Don & the Tire Machine in McKees Rocks

It was a hot day and this man was hard at work.  Chartiers Avenue was closed due to construction.  I needed directions. So I pulled into C & D Auto Service as there was an open bay and  I met this nice man who drew me the map below so I could get where I needed to go.

And here is the detailed hand-drawn map Don made for the detour route to Ohio Valley General Hospital.

Then I asked if I could photograph him, my people at their jobs series, and he said to photograph his partner Chuck.  I looked at Chuck and we laughed when I said I couldn’t see Chuck working.  He was at the desk in the office and it was not as exciting and dramatic as the work on the tire machine that Don interrupted to go and draw the map for me!  It was so kind of him to take the time to help give me excellent directions that required a lot of turns on one way streets. Thanks Don, Don’s wife, and Chuck at C & D Auto Service.

Nice people !



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10 thoughts on “Don & the Tire Machine in McKees Rocks

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  2. This is another potential photo for the book you could put together. Sorry, Chuck; but, I don’t see anyone replacing Don !
    I love this photo – the details and contrasts are wonderful.

  3. I guess I have one of the non-cooperating Internet Explorer! Probably won’t comment much anymore, but will enoy your blogs ! /This is a wonderful photo – seems like it could have been taken anytime from the 40ties on! xoxo

  4. Your photos in McKees Rocks made me smile… simple folks doing their job to help us! The best photo is the one in my mind of your face visiting me at OVGH!

  5. This is a wonderful picture. I am so glad he permitted you to take it. Nice slice of life to keep for the future.

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