Potsdamer Platz Market- Men at Work

Thursday I was photographing some food items for a Things to Eat in Berlin Gallery.

When I saw the wurst stand I went up and asked if it was okay to take a picture.

My plan was to snap the big pile of wurst on the grill. But suddenly I had some generous posing chefs.

Here is photo one


And oops, I realized the man on the left in the photo below  wasn’t in my frame and he was standing with a wurst, too.  Do over!

I took another shot to include him and suddenly a photo bomb appears behind the three men.


Thank you,  gentlemen. You made my day!


Men at Work


In the living room at Mark and Erika’s house,  Saturday of Easter weekend.

I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket.  QUICK

The four males engaged with their devices or book.  Oblivious to me.

Erika’s dad- Donald,  grandsons Michael and Jack and my son Mark on the right.  Pap’s birthday. April 19th.

I love this photo of the four them.

Men on Devices


Vacuuming the Sewers in New York City at Night

What is a Vactor truck?,   I had to ask.

Another man on the sidewalk said, “Haven’t you ever seen a vacuum cleaner before?”

(Not exactly an ElectroLux), Mary said to me.

It was night in the West Village near Bleecker and West 10th.  What a nice guy. I can’t tell you his name which is too bad. He said, “sure you can take my picture.” when I asked.

He explained how the other truck had a camera they could look down into the pipes drains and sewer.

Vactor Truck Worker






The Vactor Truck









Vactor Truck

Don & the Tire Machine in McKees Rocks

It was a hot day and this man was hard at work.  Chartiers Avenue was closed due to construction.  I needed directions. So I pulled into C & D Auto Service as there was an open bay and  I met this nice man who drew me the map below so I could get where I needed to go.

And here is the detailed hand-drawn map Don made for the detour route to Ohio Valley General Hospital.

Then I asked if I could photograph him, my people at their jobs series, and he said to photograph his partner Chuck.  I looked at Chuck and we laughed when I said I couldn’t see Chuck working.  He was at the desk in the office and it was not as exciting and dramatic as the work on the tire machine that Don interrupted to go and draw the map for me!  It was so kind of him to take the time to help give me excellent directions that required a lot of turns on one way streets. Thanks Don, Don’s wife, and Chuck at C & D Auto Service.

Nice people !



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