Sunseri Trattoria and Bakery in the Strip District

Just last week a guy came in Sunseri’s and ordered five sandwiches to go, double wrapped.  He was flying them to California. One for him to eat and the rest for his family.  Wednesday  I was driving by after my appointment and was headed out to see M and her Mom in the hospital and picked up a couple of sandwiches. Ashley the cashier asked me how my visit was with the grandchildren last Friday!  Good memory.  I was buying Italian animal crackers last time and a Tuna Balsamic with chopped onion.  Jimmy gives me a hard time with that order.  Not his favorite thing to make.  The Employee of the Month photo is framed on the wall- It’s Jimmy with cigar. Sunseri’s started in August 1985 and is a favorite destination for lunch.  Check out the size of their pepperoni sticks and the cheeses and olives for sale.  The single loaf is onion/olive oil bread.  Fresh baked loaves of Italian bread

Ashley Sunseri Cashier


Pepperoni Sticks

1901 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4450
(412) 255-1100

11 thoughts on “Sunseri Trattoria and Bakery in the Strip District

  1. Let me know if you have problems with the new comment box on the blog.
    I know two readers had black on black typing and couldn’t see a thing.

  2. I love Jimmy.He’s so sweet. He let’s my mum ride the freight elevator to get her upstairs when we eat there.

  3. Looks yummy, even to a vegetarian. When I finally make it to Pittsburgh you will have to take me.

  4. You caught the flavor of the whole place in the first photo of the man with cigar and sandwich…pride in his product and love of his work. We call our place “Toni’s New York Deli” and no matter what year it is, what time of day it is, the same man is behind the counter to take your order and give you a great big smile and hello! Hard worker, loves his work and the product is amazing to the taste buds.

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