Pug Guard Dog in Shadyside Shop Window

Yesterday was a very happy birthday and thanks for the emails, cards and nice comments! Laura baked a homemade angelfood cake and it was delicious.  We had strawberries on it and some vanilla ice cream. James grilled out bison burgers and bratburgers, some tomato mozzarella salad and broccoli slaw.

You know how dog lovers have their specific breed they prefer?  (Right Sarah and Amber?) And my cousins and their dachshunds and the Payer/McGraths and their Airedales.  Laura and James have gone Golden Doodle.  I know Debbie loves Golden Retrievers.  Anyway, it’s a theme I’ve examined before. My animals in the city series.   E and I were walking on Walnut Street after a summer breakfast last week and we stumbled upon this pug in the shop window.  I think she was snoozing on the job!

11 thoughts on “Pug Guard Dog in Shadyside Shop Window

  1. The “specific breed” I have always loved are OPD’s…”Other People’s Dogs”. I save a lot on vet bills.

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  4. Um… the guard dog looks a little less than ‘fierce’….. 😉 But he’s a cutie, so I guess he gets to stay. 🙂

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