Cat Out of the Bag at Panza Gallery

The other day I took this watercolor painting to be matted and framed.  I painted it at least twenty years ago.  I found it in a closet and thought I would frame it to remind myself why I use photography to express myself instead of painting.  But I like the way the bag looked in the light. So did Panza’s cat in residence at the Gallery.  Oh my.  Maybe she thought it was a 3-D bag and not a 2-D bag.  She really went for it.  Knocked it on the floor twice and I am sure if it had been a precious artwork it would have been a concern but it was pretty funny.  Just liked the painting of the bag so much.  Art critic feline?  It definitely spoke to her.  You know how cats love it when you introduce something new in the house and they think it is for them.

9 thoughts on “Cat Out of the Bag at Panza Gallery

  1. This is sur-real!!! 2D and 3D and it is hard to tell which is which!!! The paper bag could be LIVE and the cat PAINTED!!!! Like Janet said above: GREAT SHOT!!!!! Please get it framed and hang it alongside the paper bag alone!!!!

  2. That cat looks exactly like my black cat Tilly! Ruth, how funny that you want this picture framed too remind you of why you don’t paint!! Yes, photography really is your thing!

  3. This reminds me of the cat we had when I was a kid. Helen – she lived to be 25 years old! And every time we would come home from the grocery, she would hop into one of the paper sacks as SOON as we had removed the last item from it. Funny kitty… I haven’t thought about her in a long time. Thank you for helping me remember her.

  4. This post made me smile. Your bag painting is fantastic, the cat photo with the painting even cooler! Now I think you’ll have to frame the photo as well! 🙂

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