A Cooler, Zip-Loc Bag or Blow Dryer Are Supposed to Solve This Problem

Lens fog!  You may have experienced it.  It’s cool inside in the AC ( at M and E’s house, not mine!) and then I’d go outside to snap Jack coming home from his first swim across the length of the pool- LENS FOG!!!  Maura in her car seat looking dear in her new flower headband- LENS FOG!  We got out of the air conditioned van and the kids were patient with me as I suggested a photo of going to Day Camp.  I had been doing pretty well on the vacation with the candid shots but they cooperated as I wanted to document the scene.<a href=”http://www.blogcatalog.com”>BlogCatalog</a&gt;
They got on the wall, and I shot the picture after wiping the lens with a microfiber cloth and the same result- LENS FOG!  I went online and read suggestions how to combat this issue and the putting the camera into a cooler or a thick Zip-Loc bag or using a blow dryer to warm it up first were some of the suggestions.

The family greets Jack as he arrives home with his white ribbon for swimming the pool length for the first time.

13 thoughts on “A Cooler, Zip-Loc Bag or Blow Dryer Are Supposed to Solve This Problem

  1. O.M.G. — too cute!!! What a wonderful bunch of kids!!! Fun pictures!!!
    When I went out to get the newspaper last weekend my glasses steamed up! I can relate!

  2. Lens fog is frustrating – I get it on my binocular lenses when it is humid out. But the kids are so cute in the pictures, who cares.

  3. Love those grandkid photos!! Lens fog or not, they are great and you always capture the best of them!

  4. Lens Fog huh? That’s funny, when I paid for D’s senior pictures they charged me extra for this “special effect’ : ) The kids look beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing

  5. The lens fog adds and ethereal quality to the images. Which may not have been what you were going for, but I think it’s interesting…

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