You’re Born, You’re 1,You’re 5, You’re 9… You’re Engaged to be Married!

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Happy Birthday Laura. You are a wonderful daughter.

Love,  Ma

p.s. Check out Laura’s blog as she trains for a 1/2 marathon and prepares for her wedding!

17 thoughts on “You’re Born, You’re 1,You’re 5, You’re 9… You’re Engaged to be Married!

  1. Ruth this made me cry. Happy Birthday Laura, and I can not wait for the wedding. Ruth I will cherish the pictures you share always. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. WOW, it certainly is a quick journey. Happy Birthday Laura! Ruthie you truly have a wonderful daughter, a beautiful one too. Love every one of the photos, such a doll. My favorite the one with your Mom.

  3. Happy birthday, Laura! You were always a beautiful child, and now you’re a beautiful woman!

  4. Happy Birthday, Laura!! Ruth, I love the picture of your mother – I remember her so well! Laura, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful family!

  5. Happy August Birthday Laura …. yes, I’m partial to August as well! Maythis be your best year ever — 1/2 marathon and a wedding!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!

  6. You can tell you are related, everyone a beauty….brought tears, thinking how fast life really does flash by!

  7. Happy birthday, Laura! I recognized the Grafenhowr backdrop and could probably say the smocked dresses are by Mom. Thanks for sharing.

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