12 thoughts on “Maura Plays by Uncle Frank’s Garage-Line Study

  1. She might be dancing….. to external or internal music,! Something has her full attention.
    The photo is color-coordinated …. dress, bricks, hose and “stuff” in the garage!

  2. Ruth. I got a chance to go through a lot of your posts tonight and if I may, I wanted to let you know that I love love love your creativity and the way you compose your shots! Keep up the great work!

  3. I really like all the lines — after all, it’s a line study. Of course, Maura steals the show!!!

  4. Wow, there ARE a lot of lines in that photo – and I absolutely would not have made that connection had you not called it out in your title. But once I knew to ‘look’ for them, I saw them everywhere… (even in the crack in the drive, and the snaking green hose…). Wow.

  5. You have a keen eye and you know children. Put the 2 strengths together and the result is some beautiful photography. I look forward to having more time to fully explore your site.

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