Technology in the Early Morning- Old School in the Afternoon

It’s fun to be a houseguest where you are one of the family and people don’t notice you and your camera. (Actually taken with my phone)

On Saturday in the  early morning I was sitting in the rocking chair and saw James reading the news on his tablet instead of the newspaper that had been delivered and Aunt Mary checking her email.

I was still in my nightgown and sipping coffee.  The scene just struck me.    Later in the day Mary told me that James had gotten the new push mower out of the shed and was going to be mowing the front lawn.  I ran and got my camera and documented the “old school” lawn mowing method preferred by my son-in-law to be.  It was his idea to use both photos to compare and contrast the new technology and the old fashioned lawnmower all in the same day!

8 thoughts on “Technology in the Early Morning- Old School in the Afternoon

  1. the new pushmower looks pretty high-tech to me!! If you want to see an old-fashioned hand mower, come photograph mine!! 🙂 the family Birthday phot was great! Helo matt and Mary!

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