What Flavor is Summer?

The berries from the Farmer’s Market- blueberries for pancakes and muffins and the huge black ones like jewels and the strawberries  and raspberries… some for preserves. Juicy peach.  Cherries from Chelan. Or the brief sour ones.   Melons.   Zucchini and eggplant and basil right off the plants in your DIL’s garden. The sweet corn from the farm stand.  Just back from Columbus OH and missing the family so Steve and I drove to the retro theatre the Oaks in Oakmont– my favorite movie theatre in the area with spacious leg room and a big screen.   We saw the documentary Buck (stunning photography of the west)  and afterward we got ice cream cones (this is a single!) at Brr-Kees Homemade Ice Cream Stand, smooth and creamy and delicious.  My summer flavor is coffee ice cream.  Shot with the phone.  Extended the feeling of summer vacation and I didn’t think about the start of the new school year in 3 days time.

What flavor is summer?

coffee ice cream cone equals summer
A generous single scoop of coffee ice cream!

7 thoughts on “What Flavor is Summer?

  1. Oh my gosh …. coffee icecream, THE flavor of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring!!! 🙂 🙂
    It’s breakfast time, but I’d go for this “single scoop” right now!!!
    We have another 5 weeks of Summer … the second School starts the mindset is Fall.
    Keep enjoying your Summer flavors, Ruth!!!!!

  2. I think everybody has their own reasons for the flavor of summer. When I was 6, my favorite flavor was a cherrry snowcone from around the corner at a little store. Now that I’m older, it’s not a flavor I love so much as the smell of fresh roses from my 6 rosebushes. I have a yellow one and red red one inside to enjoy!

  3. Holy buckets, THAT’s a “single” serving? Yikes!

    Summer flavors for me: raspberries still warm from the sun from my dad’s garden; strawberries sneaked while picking at the ‘u-pick-em’ patch; fresh herbs from the farmer’s market (sticking my nose in basil, smelling the chives on my fingers); and the ‘taste’ of fresh summer air – a delightful mix of heat and flowers and water and earth… Yum.

  4. Coffee ice cream is one of my favorites, too. Happy that you are still enjoying summer!! Back to school – not so much! Sorry that it’s that time already!!! Fortunately, it’s not the only thing in your life!!!!! All the best for a good school year!

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