What I Saw as I Left the Warhol Museum

Friday night,Warhol Museum, Northside -Poetry reading- Undressing the Body  Jan Beatty and Soham Patel.  Went up to four and checked out (The Word of God(ess): Chitra Ganesh is the third exhibition in The Word of God series
(Read more at warhol.org: http://www.warhol.org/webcalendar/event.aspx?id=3241#ixzz1Wr8meDi0,  R and I went to see the Silver Clouds floating in the air, back down to one and head to the car.  Looked over my shoulder and saw the young girls dancing to the Bollywood music spun by DJ Chai.  A quick shot with the iPhone but there was Andy when it came up on the screen. Fun!

8 thoughts on “What I Saw as I Left the Warhol Museum

  1. I would expect to hear a voice booming, “I am the great and powerful Warhol! Pay no attention to the man behind the screen.”

  2. Talk about a ‘culture clash’ – and yet so appropriate all at the same time.

    Nice reflexes Ruth! I think I would have just stood there, stunned… (I can tell who the professional photographer is. Hint: not me.) 😉

  3. Fun! Enjoyed a visit to the Warhol this week on a much quieter day – to see the special exhibit on Goddess. ??/ DID enjoy several floors of Andy, including the Silver Clouds Room!

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