Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

From the smallest town in the whole wide world- Hum. Seriously.  It is in the Guinness Book of Records.  Hum, Croatia.  Population 17-23 depending which site you read.   The towns medieval gates are from the 11th century.  My friend Dorothy Holley loved this photo. I took it when I visited Matthew Summer 2008.   I have a print of it framed in my bedroom and from my bed I can imagine myself walking up the path, the pile of logs ready for the winter.   Path brings to my mind the words beaten or dirt, a clearing in the woods or the bicycle path by the river, but I like this stone path.  Looked up the definition and I think this photo meets the weekly photo challenge: path. 

(from the freedictionary.com )  –

the definition of path

n. pl. paths (pz, päz, pths, päths)

1. A trodden track or way.
2. A road, way, or track made for a particular purpose: a bicycle path.
3. The route or course along which something travels or moves: the path of a hurricane.
4. A course of action or conduct: the path of righteousness.
5. Computer Science

a. A sequence of commands or a link between points that is needed to reach a particular goal.
b. A pathname.

[Middle English, from Old English pæth; see pent- in Indo-European roots.]

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. Great photo and path! Love to know about the “structure” in the clearing, looks as if it could be for pottery, even a store-selling-pottery????? Enjoy your non-school Monday!!! XOXOXO

  2. You capture the spirit of ‘place’ so wonderfully. From an urban bike shop, to an artisan framing a piece, to a fireman on his way to an accident, to a child enjoying an ice cream – you somehow snap the true essence of the moment – but without adding anything more. It’s a masterful skill. Wonderful image here.

  3. Stef, you are very observant and extremly accurate. I ditto your words. Ruth, you know I hold this picture deep in my heart and in my home : ) Could look at it a million times in a day and go somewhere different evrytime. I am not sure how the whole weekly photo challenge thing works, but I say you win!

  4. Yep – this photo is a winner! When we took a Rhine River cruise, I remember seeing either the smallest street or the most narrow street or some small path. Memory fails me. Small places with paths! Lots of claims to fame, I would imagine.

    • The open door at the end of the path is a tiny museum/gift shop, highlighting the town’s history and the Glagolitic wall writings, explaining how they came to be the Cyrillic alphabet.

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