September 3, 1951

Happy Birthday Marlene!  It’s a special one. I know you will have a very happy day. It is wonderful being grandmothers together. We have much to be grateful for, don’t we? Do you remember the day we met, before Mark and Erika got married?  I remember it like it was just yesterday.  What an exciting time and it has only multiplied over the past decade.         And you share the birthdate with my mother, who would have been 99 today. Oh my.

So another round of cake- vanilla and vanilla buttercream on the front porch.  I am blogging a birthday cake to you cause I have to drive your birthday card around in my car for at least another week or two.  Why can’t I get the cards in the mail?  Thinking of you as you celebrate.  I am right behind you!!!  1-2-3-4 Cake recipe here                                   12:20 AM 9/3/11  p.s.  just got the call that  Mark Erika and the four grandchildren made it to your house just after midnight after 8 hours on the road!  SURPRISE!!  You called and said I GOT YOU!!   What a great birthday present.  I am so happy you were surprised.  

(I mean it would have been nice if someone at work said Happy Birthday or they had a cake for you but having the family surprise you had to be a happy celebration!!)



14 thoughts on “September 3, 1951

  1. Thank you both. What a surprise last night when a car drove up the driveway. It scared the crap out of me and then Don was taking his time getting his shorts on. The door bell rings and I am telling him don’t open the door. Who would be at our door after midnight? Then he opened it and to my surpise it was all my babies. Love you guys.

  2. What a lovely setting! It reminds me of a formal ladies tea; proper, delicate, and still delightful. A reason to get dressed in ‘nice’ clothes, and enjoy the company of true women.

  3. Marlene, I’m so sorry that I’ve never met you but Happy Birthday! Ruth, I DO remember your Mother and can only imagine that you miss her as much as I miss m,y mom. It’s supposed to be 105 degrees here today! I’m so ready for Fall weather and I bet you all get it before we do in Southern Indiana and Louisville! I really hope you all have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  4. Happy Birthday Marlene. Although I do not know you I am sure you are blessed to be a part of Ruth’s extended family : ) Ruth, you bring so much joy to so many peoples lives. I am sure your mother is smiling today, not just because of her birthday, but because of you.

  5. Happy Birthday, Marlene! another Virgo!! Who eats these virtual cakes? 🙂
    I did not miss the beautiful china, crystal and SHINING SILVER!!! 🙂

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