The Tenth Street Bridge Looks Miniature

The view from the South Side Slopes, on they way home from school last Wednesday. I’ve mentioned Pittsburgh’s topography in previous posts. The scale in this photo emphasizes the hills and valleys, the Monongahela River. Late cause it was Meet and Greet for the parents. The setting sun casts a nice light. Everything lush and green. I don’t remove wires from the photos. As is. Pretend it’s a zipline. I haven’t driven this route for a few months. It’s all new- again.

7 thoughts on “The Tenth Street Bridge Looks Miniature

  1. South side slopes is a great place to walk the city steps. Hesh and I have done it. Good exercise and a beautiful view.

  2. I love your refusal to remove wires (or other ‘obstructions’ from images) – and adore the thought of it being a zip line. So fun!

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