Our Brother Grows Organic Garlic & Mailed It For Us to Cook

Wednesday’s mail brought a box with holes punched in it.  I knew no one was shipping a guinea pig to me.

The postmark was Okanogan WA- It was a box of Chesnok Red (originally from  From Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia)   David had packed it  in gray egg carton parts,  They arrived in perfect shape.

When I spoke to David on the phone he was hoping that Mary and I would cook with it for Laura’s Bridal Shower in Columbus. We’re making lasagne.  He told me it’s Hardneck garlic (can’t braid it, Greg– you can see Greg braid his garlic harvest here)

This particular type is supposed to be great baking garlic.  I shared some with my neighbor as he is a great cook.

David told me about the organic farm where he got the original seeds to plant years ago.  Filaree Garlic Farm.   They have photos and descriptions of the different types of garlic and you can get a catalog.  Planting season is real soon. Last week of September, first week of October for Okanogan’s zone.

I sat on my side porch and photographed the beautiful purple striped skins.  Thought about our brother David and we’ll be thinking of him as we cook and eat this wonderful harvest.

13 thoughts on “Our Brother Grows Organic Garlic & Mailed It For Us to Cook

  1. Your photo, as always, is beautiful but I’m fixated on the idea of receiving a box of garlic in the mail. Now that’s special delivery!

  2. Thanks for remembering…. still love the look of it and the smell… it just doesn’t like me!!
    Great photo! Do you think the mailman got a whiff of it as he delivered the box!!?

  3. What a lovely sentiment! I’ve heard baked garlic mushed out on a crusty bread is divine. I’ll have to try it one of these days…

  4. Forwarded this to several garlic lovers today – forgot to leave a message!! the garlic is beautiful!!! XOXOXO

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