A Place to Get Food- #2 in a Series- Wenatchee, WA

Wenatchee, WA.  This photo is now hanging over my bed as of last week.  Not sure how my dreams will be affected.  I like the colors. Full name is EZ’s Burger Deluxe on Wenatchee Ave.  I was visiting my brother in Okanogan, WA.  Shot it from the parking lot across the street.

Selected by Juror Chris Jordan for Works of Man show- Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado. Spring 2009

12 thoughts on “A Place to Get Food- #2 in a Series- Wenatchee, WA

  1. I bet it’s good too! Fat, salt and sugar, the 3 magic ingredients we’ve been made to love, according to the food police, like Michael Pollan 🙂 Neat photo!!!!!

  2. How great that the business is still going and that the building is in good shape. So much Americana has been lost to the wrecking ball.

  3. I was at a farmers’ market yesterday and thought of you. I have wondered why you haven’t had more feature shots of some of them. I thought I should bring my own camera with me the next time I go, but I am no photographer; more a snap shot memoirist looking for memory prods. This from you was charming…MADALON maybe you have had some farmers’ market shots and I have missed them.

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